For 1///

I couldn't give 2///

about her status as I shoot 3///

texts to have her come through in her A4///

in less than 5///

Cuz I've had like 6///

or 7///

thoughts, and 8///

******ies in the last 9///

seconds where my ****** ******* 10///

spots 11///

times and I swap 12///

sessions for 13///

deals in 14///

to 15///

minutes that feel like 16///

seconds tops. But, if I had 17///

hours, 18///

pills, 19///

hats, the MODARON  _MOOD Playlist with 20///

tracks, 21///

moves, 22///

pairs of sneakers to change in and out of from flyknits, to Huaraches, to some J 23///

I would be 24///

times more into it than I would normally be. So free. Cuz thinking back to when I was 25///


I was locked down like I was in the pen till about 27///

and 28///

was a breather, 29///

was dope. But, it feels trill AF now days in the 30///