My name is Barkev ( bark·ev /ˈbärkəv/ ) Daron ( dar·on /ˈdärón/ ); often called: Modaron ( mo·dar·on /ˈmódärón/ ).

I received a B.Arch degree from The Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2011. I am currently a designer in Los Angeles, CA.

In short, this website displays a variety of my projects, product designs, exhibitions and then some.

For a more in depth breakdown of each individual tab/section, please see below:

ACADEMIC consists of a few projects from undergraduate studies at SCI-Arc.

B DAYS is an archive of my birthday festivities starting from the 30th.

CONNECT consists of my social media links: Facebook, IG, E-mail, Spotify.

CV / RESUME consists of CV / Resume.

DOWNLOADS offers downloadable photos/collages for desktops and smartphones.

E-STATE SALE consists of listings of personal belongings for sale. 

EXHIBITIONS consists of solo and group exhibitions.

FONT consists of a font design.

FURNITURE links you to the immaculately curated online furniture store:

MERCH. consists of some designed products for sale and some in the works.

NEWS consists of news and other current events.

POETRY consists of just one poem for now. More to come soon.

PROFESSIONAL consists of a few projects from working in architecture post graduation.

PROFILE consists of a bit of background about yours truly and outlines the website's navigation.

RECOMMENDATIONS consists of recommended music and movies.

SERVICES consists of serves offered.

TERM BANK consists of an alphabetized list of words and their meanings.